Hal Lindsey Net Worth and Income
Hal Lindsey Net Worth and Income

How Much is Hal Lindsey Net Worth and Income?

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Hal Lindsey Net Worth and Income
Hal Lindsey Net Worth : $42 million

Harold Lee Lindsey is known as a writer from America. He is popular for his controversy of Evangelist and Christian books. Hal Lindsey got different understanding about Christian. He has an ideology of Christian Zionist and dispensationalism. Hal Lindsey even believes the return of Jews. He also believe about the existence of Israel has become a biblical prophecy. Hal Lindsey net worth currently is estimated about $42 million.

Even though he is not young anymore, he is still active in writing and researching. His passion about learning a religion has shown when he was so young. Graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary and Master Degree in Theology, he chose New Testament and early Greek Literature.

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The Source Hal Lindsey Net Worth

Hal Lindsey is popular as an author. He earned a lot of money from here. He had published various titles of books. One of them is “The late, Great Planet earth”. This work becomes best seller rapidly. Because This released in the perfect timing, linked with the issue of “Six day war”. He also joins TV show called “International Intelligence briefing” that show off air show. However, the TV Show  was canceled due to some controversial issues. This show was said too much pro-Israeli. The show also shared negative opinion on Arabs.

The biggest source of his earning is mostly from his books. He created many books including : Satan is Alive, Well on Planet earth, The final Battle, Blood Moon, Rapture, The Everlasting Hatred: The Roots of Jihad, There’s New World Coming, Planet earth : The final chapter.

Further, He also creates his own TV show named ”Hal Lindsey Report”. This program ran based on the biblical prophecy and the present world scenario. The TV show attracts many people. However, Hal often do controversial issue. He ever wrote about the Barack Obama and criticized him. His activities as an author and host of TV program brought him to wealthy. Hal Lindsey Net Worth reached $42 million.


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