How much is the Survivor, Heimo Korth Net Worth and income

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Heimo Korth Net Worth and Income
Heimo Korth Net Worth : $150.000

Heimo Korth is a popular outdoors-man. What made him popular is his braveness to live in Alaska’s arctic. You must know that Alaska is one of the most dangerous place to live. Because the condition of the area made the people unable to live freely. So far, Heimo Korth Net Worth reached $150.000

The extreme weather in Arctic is extremely dangerous. But for him, it is very challenging. Moreover, Korth live in this area with his little family, including his wife, Edna and his kids too.

the national wildlife refuge as their permanent living area. But, to find foods based on hunting or fishing season, they need to move among several cabins.

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Talking about his experience living in one of the most dangerous place on the planet, Heimo had a very hard days in his life. Heimo’s  daughter passed away due to a tragedy in a river. His daughter was just two. But it didn’t stop him to continue his journey.

Living outdoor, in an extreme whether didn’t mean that he got no money. Heimo Korth has a pretty impressive money.

The Source of Heimo Korth Net Worth

You can see that Heimo Korth lived in uncomfortable place. You will find no malls or game station out there. Heimo live in a very simple lifestyle with his family. But Many directors and producers are interested to make a documentary about him and his family.

Don’t you know? His first documentary appearance was in 1992, “Braving Alaska”. And later, he made the other documentary appearances including “Flying Wild Alaska and “Surviving Alone in Alaska”. and the latest one, he and his family was on Discovery Channel’s The Last Alaskans (2015). Filming in documentary made his net worth quite high. Heimo Korth net worth is estimated around $150.000.

Many people are curious about him. James Campbell even wrote a book about him and his family in 2004.  It was “The Final Frontiersman: Heimo Korth and His Family, Alone in Alaska’s Arctic Wilderness”.  The book told about how Heimo and his family could survive in Alaska.

Currenly he and his family are still enjoying their life in that area, even though his name is popular like  celebrity.

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