chris hardwick net worth and income
chris hardwick net worth and income

How Much is Chris Hardwick Net Worth and Income?

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chris hardwick net worth and income
Chris Hardwick net worth : $ 15 million

Christopher Ryan Hardwick is an American stand-up comedian and popular actor. You might ever watch him as the host of Talking Dead, an AMC show affiliated with  famous zombie drama series The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. He also hosts some other shows including Talking with Chris Hardwick, @Midnight with Chris Hardwick and The Wall. Chris Hardwick Net worth should be around $15 million dollars.

Born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1971. Chris is the son of professional bowler the late Billy Hardwick. he attended UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles.

In early of his career, Hardwick was a DJ on a radio station, KROQ-FM. He got a role in Guys Like Us (1998). However the show was cancelled in January 1999 after running 12 episodes. Since 1996 to 2018, he had starred various title of movies.  Some movies he starred included House of 1000 Corpses, Halloween 2. In 2010, he was also featured in the film The Mother of Invention.

Thanks to his multi-talent. He doesn’t only love to do a thing but many things. As a writer, he even took part on some projects. He worked with Wired magazine (2007), Web Soup and Back at the Barnyard. Further, he also ever made regular appearances on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Chelsea Lately. 

Then he ran an entertainment space in LA named, Nerdist Theatre. Nowadays, this project merged with  GeekChicDaily and reform a new one, called Nerdist News. He got a role as Chief Creative Officer

Beside those activities, Chris expanded his talent through voice actor and stand up comedy too. He is one of the most successful stand up comedian in America. His comedy material even used in animated series, Shorties Watchin’ Shorties.

The Source of Chris Hardwick Net Worth and Income

Chris Hardwick does a lot of jobs through his great talents. He is an actor, a stand up comedian, a host, a writer, etc. Those activities made Chris Hardwick net worth reached $ 15 million dollars. Chris’s show @Midnight with Chris Hardwick even ran for 600 episodes. His hard-work paid him well. It brings him to popularity and wealth

Don’t you remember? His show @Midnight with Chris Hardwick ever won Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media – Social TV Experience 2 years in a row

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