Craig Mack Net Worth from His Career
Craig Mack Net Worth from His Career

How Much is Craig Mack Net Worth from His Career?

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Craig Mack Net Worth from His Career
Craig Mack Net Worth : $600.000

Craig Mack was rapper and became popular with his hit Flava in Ya Ear. His first albums were at top chart in Billboard that gave him popularity. After that, he struggled to release high praised album in 1997, though not well received as the first one. In 2017, he got heart failure and died in 2018. His legacy from hip-hop albums becomes the source of Craig Mack net worth.

Rap and hip hop turned to be popular genre in early 1990s. Several artists released their single from major label. Craig Mack wrote his Flava in Ya Ear that released in 1994 for debut album Project: Funk da World. Before used his real name, that prominent single was under stage name MC EZ that he used since 1988. However, he decided to turn down that name and started to pick the real name for live performance and all his songs.

After successful released the first album, he tried on second albums that not gained well receive. However, he still worked together with various labels, such as Bad Boy and Arista to produce and launch the next album. From rap and hip hop, his next path was hiatus in 2012 which his choice not to involve in hip hop scene again.

How Much Is Craig Mack Net Worth

Unfortunately, there is no much information about his possession. However, his albums are what people look for, especially in hip-hop scene. In addition, some mainstream and prominent artists cited Craig Mark works as an inspiration and influence.

From early career, he might only have few singles and albums. Well, Craig Mack net worth is estimated to be around $600,000. As you know, he took part on Christian Ministry and retreated from hip hop activity. In 2006, he still had single Mack Tonight before disappeared.


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