Doug Benson Net Worth and Income
Doug Benson Net Worth and Income

How Much is Doug Benson Net Worth from His Comedy Gigs

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Doug Benson Net Worth and Income
Doug Benson Net Worth : $ 3 million

Doug Benson is a known personality in United States entertainment world. He is a quiet controversial name within the industry for his zealous advocacy on legal marijuana consumption. People mainly know him as a comedian who often appears in movies and television programs. He has been active since 1986. Doug Benson net worth largely comes from his activities as an entertainment personality.

Benson was born on May 7, 1964 in San Diego, California. He was raised in a working class family. In his childhood, he often suffered for vertigo and bad perception of depth. The comedian attended Grossmont College in El Cajon. He was becoming more interested in pursuing an acting career during his time at college. After he graduated from college, he left for Los Angeles to realize his dream.

He began doing stand-up comedy gigs once he lived in the city. Benson soon became known for his talent in bringing laughter to the audience. He even started taking small parts in television shows. His humor leans into satire, sarcasm, observational, and alternative comedy. He talks about every day in his jokes so everyone can relate to him. He also makes references to American pop culture. His jokes tend to be self-deprecating.

The Source of Doug Benson Net worth

Benson has released a total of ten comedy albums to varying degree of success. His latest album, Lexington, came out in 2017. He regularly appears on television channels performing his stand-up comedy. In addition to television appearances, Benson also ventures to big screen. He had starred in comedy movies, such as The Lego Batman Movie and Super High Me.

He is a very vocal advocate on marijuana usage. Many of his comedic contents are related to his view on this substance. From his gigs as entertainment figure, Benson gains quiet an income. Doug Benson net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

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