Gary Null Net Worth and Income
Gary Null Net Worth and Income

How Much is Gary Null Net Worth and Income Today?

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Gary Michael Null is popular as an American talk radio host. And he is an author for some books. Of course he is not just an ordinary radio host. He even earned a Ph.D. in human nutrition and public health sciences from Union Institute & University. Gary is one of America’s leading health-and-fitness advocates. So far, Gary Null Net Worth has been around $8 million

Gary Null Net Worth and Income
Gary Null Net Worth : $ 8 million

The 73 years old is on the list of research fellow in Institute of Applied Biology; a researcher of agricultural sciences at the Fertile Earth Farm Project, etc. He also¬† manages some radio shows including “The Gary Null Health and Nutrition Program,” The show is syndicated weekly to more than 100 markets nationwide.

Besides he also written many books. Based on some sources , he had written more than 50 books. Those included “The Women’s Encyclopedia of Natural Healings: Healing your Body Naturally, “Get Healthy Now with Gary Null”, etc.

Don’t you know? Null argued the physicians and pharmaceutical companies more concern on economic interest in promoting rather than preventing sickness.¬† And he also become the front man who claimed that HIV is harmless and does not cause AIDS.

In the different way, Seth Kalichman, a professor from University of Connecticut, described null as a dangerous entrepreneur

In order to share his thought about nutrition and health, he began writing the books. Besides, he ever produced some advocacy films including Poverty Inc (2014), Autism: Made in the U.S.A.(2009) and Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own (2007)

The Source of Gary Null Net Worth and Income

Most of his income was from all his activities. He hosts Radio shows and writes many books. Those two roles gave significant effect of his money in the bank account. From those, Gary Null Net Worth has reached $ 8 million.

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