George Maharis Net Worth and income
George Maharis Net Worth and income

How Much is George Maharis Net Worth and Income

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George Maharis Net Worth and income
George Maharis Net Worth : $2 million

George ‘Gorgeous’ Maharis comes from a Greek immigrant family. Gifted by his gorgeous look, he started his acting career at 25 years old and kept shining through the years. Besides acting, George also recorded several hit songs in the 60’s. Besides singing and acting, recently he is an active impressionist painter. All his hard works for 89 years now reward George Maharis net worth around $2 million.

Before booming through Route 66’ TV series, George had already starred some movies such as The Naked City, Marty, Brenner and others. However, he became well known when he was portrayed as a gorgeous rebellious charming man in Route 66’. The TV series was a total success since it had been aired for three seasons. Surprisingly, George quitted the TV series few last episodes away just before the third season was over. It was reported that his quit was due to health problem.

After his quit, he took a year to rest and back in 1964. He was already starring Quick, Before It Melts movie again. Concerning about his health, the later career was filled by movies or short series since he did not want to risk his health for a long continuous movie production. For 89 years, he already starred in more than seventy movies.

George Maharis Net Worth Sources

It is a crystal clear that his acting career is the major and main source of his income. He also produced the off broadways, recorded some songs, and made art. He is still active in painting that his works are displayed in a gallery art.

In old days, George is now mostly doing investments and making some arts. A source says that George Maharis net worth in exact number is $2,060,000. The number includes some properties that he owns such as the mansion in Beverly Hills and New York. He also owns some expensive sport cars.


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