Linda hogan Net Worth and Income
Linda hogan Net Worth and Income

How Much is Linda Hogan Net Worth and Income Today?

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Linda hogan Net Worth and Income
Linda hogan Net Worth : $ 20 million

Linda Marie Claridge is more popular for his as Linda Hogan. She is an American television personality. You might also know her as the ex-wife of Hulk Hogan. Both Hulk and Linda appeared in the same reality TV show Hogan Knows Best. Unfortunately, they decided to divorce in 2009. How Much is Linda Hogan Net Worth?

Hogan knows Best ran well for 4 seasons including 43 episodes. The show is an American reality documentary that told about Hulk Hogan and His family’s life. At that time, Hulk and Linda still lived together as husband and wife. But in 2007 Hogan Knows Best was canceled. Then Brooke Knows Best was on aired. Brooke is Hogan’s and Linda’s daughter.

Besides spending the days as a TV personality, Linda Hogan is also an entrepreneur. Based on some sources, she currently manages some beauty product and clothing, This should give significant impact to her bank account.

After Linda and Hulk Hogan were separated, Linda ever found a new relationship with really young man. Linda was 48 and the boy is still 19 when they dated. The different age stole the media attention. However, some media told that it didn’t run well. The relationship has ended.

The source of Linda Hogan Net Worth

Talking about the main sources of her money, it might be not the acting career. Linda didn’t have much activities in TV perdonality, except her role with Hulk Hogan in Hogan Knows Best. She does appears in many talk show. Those gave her some income. And the main sources might be from the business she ran.  As reported in some medias. Linda got business for beauty skin care and clothing line too. The business should give her nice income. This might be one of the biggest source for her $ 20 million of Linda hogan Net Worth.

Besides, Linda also has “Sunny Girl Avocados”  a farm in California.

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