Maria Bartiromo Net Worth and Income
Maria Bartiromo Net Worth and Income

How Much is Maria Bartiromo Net Worth and Income

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Maria Bartiromo Net Worth and Income
Maria Bartiromo Net Worth : $ 25 million

Maria Bartiromo is a popular American Journalist, a successful columnist, an author and hosts. One of her popular show are ‘Mornings with Maria’ on FBN and ‘Sunday Morning Futures’. Maria Bartiromo Net Worth should be around $ 25 million dollars.

Maria was born in 1967 to Italian-American parents. She received her Bachelor’s degree from New York University. She has worked for some popular channels including Fox News, CNN and CNBC.

Earlier of her career, she began as assignment editor in CNN news for five years. In 1993, she decided to join CNBC. There she got fame after hosting ‘On the Money with Maria Bartiromo.’

She also hosted other shows like‘Closing Bell’, ‘Market Wrap’, ‘The business of Innovation’ and Business Centre. Due to her popularity, she was often invited as guest in some shows. You might ever see her in  ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’. And she also ever appeared as cameos of some movies ‘Inside Job’, ‘Arbitrage’, ‘Wall Street’, etc.

With CNBC networks She spent 20 years. However, due to some issues and disagreement, she then resig from her position and joined FOX News. Maria was appointed as Global Market editor and The host for two shows, ‘Mornings with Maria’ and ‘Sunday Morning futures with Maria Bartiromo’.

For her excellent carrier as a journalist, Maria Bartiromo has won numerous prestigious awards. She was awarded Excellence in Broadcast Journalism Award in 1997 . Besides, she also received Emmy award in 2008 and 2009, Gracie Award and Lincoln Statue Award. Last but not least, she was in the list of Financial Times 50 people list.

The Source of Maria Bartiromo Net Worth and Income

Talking about Maria Bartiromo Income, she actually receive million dollars for her long journey as popular journalist. Based on some sources, she could earn $6 million dollars annually. Even though she was not a singer or celebrity, but her name is quite popular compared to them. She successfully host some shows too.

Besides, Maria Bartiromo also spend some of her time as an author. Some of the books are Use the News: How to Separate the Noise from the Investment Nuggets and Make Money in Any Economy, The 10 Laws of Enduring Success, he Weekend That Changed Wall Street. Those books bring her more income to her bank account



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