Michael madigan Net Worth and Income
Michael madigan Net Worth and Income

How Much is Michael Madigan Net Worth and Income?

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Michael madigan Net Worth and Income
Michael Madigan Net Worth $ 250 million

Michael Madigan is known best as a politician. He also served as the speaker of Illinois House of Representatives. Don’t you know? Chicago Magazine even named him as the fourth-most-powerful Chicagoan in 2012 due to his powerful influence. Michael Madigan net worth is around $250 million.

Politic is no longer a new thing for him. His father used to work in the government as well. Madigan pursued to take  the same path  after going to Loyola University Chicago School of Law in 1965.

Based on some sources, when he was still law student, he had been so brave to make relation with everyone.  Madigan introduced himself to the mayor of Chicago at that time, Richard J.Daley. Daley was his father’s friend. Since then he got a summer job in the city law department. This was his stepping stone to expand himself in government.

His political career finally began  in 1969. At that time he became the committeeman of the 13th Ward precinct. You should know that he was only 27  and the youngest ward committeeman in Chicago.

The Source of Michael Madigan Net Worth

Mister Madigan’s name turned popular after he was elected to represent the 22nd district in the Illinois House of Representatives in 1971. In 1983, hewas chosen as the speaker of Illinois House of Representative.

Michael Madigan Net Worth was said to be around $250 million dollars. His career in Politics surely increase his income significantly.

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