Ritchie Blackmore Net Worth and Income
Ritchie Blackmore Net Worth and Income

How Much is Ritchie Blackmore Net Worth and Income today

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He is the guitarist and one of the founder of popular heavy metal band “Deep Purple”. Don’t you know? he loved playing guitar since he was eleven years old. And he learned the guitar under the guide of Big Jim Sullivan. Ritchie Blackmore net worth currently reaches more than $16 million.

Ritchie Blackmore Net Worth and Income
Ritchie Blackmore Net Worth: $ 16 Million

Many people know him well for his impressive musical career. Along with Deep Purple, he and his band had shaken the music industry. Ritchie has been 73 years old. He is  one legendary guitarists in the world. And now he is not too active in music industry but in some chances he still appears in the musical scene. In 2016, as a member of “Deep Purple”, Blackmore was listed into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Considering from his excellent career, he deserved it. He was also listed in 100 Greatest Guitarists of all times in 2011.

Even though he is heavy metal guitarist, Ritchie ever talked about his taste about music. He clearly tell that he is a popular music lover. And he said that he liked ABBA so much. ABBA was a Swedish pop group. Besides, he loved classical music as well. Quoted in Wiki,

“I think classical music is very good for the soul. A lot of people go ‘ah well, classical music is for old fogies’ but I was exactly the same” 

The Source of Ritchie Blackmore Net Worth 

Most of his income was from all his musical activities. He received millions of income that made him one of the richest guitarist.  7 years with Deep purple had become one of the biggest sources of his money.  There’s still unclear solution of his problem and the management. Ritchie claimed that he still hadf £750,000 of unpaid royalties.

Due to some issues, he decided to leave his band and formed a new one called Rainbow. Even though this band was not as popular as Deep purple, a lot of people still enjoyed their songs and performance.

Music is not the only sources of his income, he also received more money from the other ways. He did some business and endorsements, etc. Ritchie Blackmore net worth is more than $16 million

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