Stevie Nicks Net Worth and income
Stevie Nicks Net Worth and income

How Much is Stevie Nicks Net Worth and Income 2018?

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Stevie Nicks Net Worth and income
Stevie Nicks Net Worth: $ 75 million

Stephanie Lynn Nicks or also known as Stevie Nicks is a famous American singer and songwriter. She is well known among people who love Rock music. For your information, people call her as The Queen who gives her heart and life in Rock music. As she gets more famous, she is also richer. Stevie Nicks net worth might surprise you.

Before we go there, we should know her better. If you never heard this name before, let’s get to know more about her. Nicks was born in Phoenix, Arizona, on May, 26th 1948. Although she had loved music from young age, she just started to appear in public when joined a band namely Fritz. The band had a good name back then. Sadly in 1972, the band is disbanded. However, Nicks made a duo with Buckingham, her romantic and musical partner.

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In 1975, they joined Fleetwood Mac and the career of The Queen of Rock Music rose sharply. Aside of her career in the band, her solo career is also great. There are million records of her work–either with the band or her solo career has been sold widely. No wonder if she is included in 100 greatest songwriters of all time.

How Much Stevie Nicks Net Worth?

As you can see, Stevie Nicks is very rich. As a rich musician, singer-songwriter and performer, she has earned a lot so far. Her charisma is undeniable. Walking in her solo career, she has many solo tours from 1981 up to 2017. There are countless fans of hers who always wait for her performance.

Looking at how famous she is, you must wonder how much Stevie Nicks net worth, right? It is mentioned that her net worth is $75 million. Most of them come from her record sales. It is surely no doubt looking at how wonderful her work is. She is another true legend in music history.

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