Stuart Woods Net Worth in 2018
Stuart Woods Net Worth in 2018

How Much is Stuart Woods Net Worth and Income 2018?

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Stuart Woods Net Worth in 2018
Stuart Woods Net Worth : $ 42 million

By 2017, the estimation of Stuart Woods net worth is $42 million. He received this great amount of wealth from his activities as a novelist. He is known as a writer who produced numerous bestselling books. Some of them are Orchid Beach, Swimming to Catalina, L.A Dead, Capital Crimes, and Run before the Winds.

This novelist was born on January 9th, 1938 in Manchester. He graduated from University of Georgia in 1959 and began his career by working in an advertisement industry. From New York, he moved to London in order to continue his working. After three years, he decided to move to Ireland and worked two days a week in the same industry.

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Stuart Woods’ first book was Blue Water, Green Skippers and it was published in 1977. However, his first novel was entitled Chiefs. It was published in 1981. So far, he has published more than 60 books in total. More than 25 of them became bestselling books. In addition to his career as a novelist, Woods has received some awards such as Edgar Awards on Best First Novel.

How much is Stuart Woods net worth?

Stuart Woods earned his net worth mainly from the sale of his novels and books. In addition to his income source, his novel Chiefs was adapted into TV series which can be watched in Netflix. His annual salary was predicted to reach $3 million in 2017. Some of his properties include a house in New Mexico, a Cessna Citation Mustang, a motor yacht, and power boat. He also owns a certificate as a pilot.

It is said that Stuart Woods is asked to write five books annually by his publishers. Therefore, it is predicted that Stuart Woods net worth in 2018 and in the next following years remains stable or even keeps increasing as his new books are still published.

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