Susan Graver Net Worth and Income
Susan Graver Net Worth and Income

How Much is Susan Graver Net Worth and Income

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Susan Graver Net Worth and Income
Susan Graver Net Worth : $28 million

How to get a nice look??  that is one of many designers concern. Susan Graver is a famous fashion designer and TV presenter too. She has sold and promoted her collection on QVC  the shopping channel. It has run for more or less 3 decades. Susan Graver net worth has reached $28 million dollars.

Some of you might be her fans or the people who love to watch her show. Aren’t you?

Susan Graver was born in 1953, in New York. Designing is not the only talent she has. Susan also played piano and practiced ballet. In the college she received Art and Psychology degree. Don’t you know? she ever worked at a paint factory; But it didn’t explore her designing skill, she then quit from her job and began her own fashion business. Now she runs the business with her husband Richard Graver, her mother-in-law Audrey Graver, and her only daughter Jaclyn Graver.

Her passion in design has showed since she was so young. Before she was 5, she loved drawing and panting. Her nice talent found when she made cloth for her own doll.  Her talent should be from her family. Based on some sources, all women in her family are excellent at designing skills. She grew well in a family of designers.

From her marriage to Richard Graver, She has Three children,Michel, David and Jaclyn Graver. Jaclyn accompanies her mother to work on the show as well.  They collaborated well on the show. Susan usually will describe the hallmarks of her collections. Nowadays, She might be very pleased for his talent. So that she is able to keep her appearance nicely on TV. Even though she is not young anymore.

The Source of Susan Graver Net Worth

Susan Graver has become successful designer and entrepreneur. The line of Poly-Silks that she co-designed with Audrey Graver made the hits. Her face even appeared on the cover of “Income Opportunity” magazine. His fashion business has brought her name to fame and wealth too. While as a presenter, she also got successful career.  In QVC she has achieved the prestigious position as a top seller in the network with 5 stars review. Further, she also expanded his skill in writing too, In 2000, Susan released ‘It’s a Fit’. It’s a book of fashion tips and ideas.

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