Lukas Graham Net Worth
Lukas Graham Net Worth

How much is The Vocalist of Lukas Graham Net Worth

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Lukas Graham Net Worth
Lukas Graham Net Worth: $ 10 million

Who doesn’t listen to 7 years? If you are, where were you for all this time? 7 Years, the song which tops the U.S chart released on last 2016. Reading this fact, you might as well relate to the revenue that the band probably receive for the song. So, this article will cover about vocalist of Lukas Graham net worth because many curious about him.

The Lukas Graham vocalist is Lukas Graham Forchhammer. You can see by the way the band was named; it seems that Lukas is the one who has a big role in making the band. As the band debuted on 2011, Lukas Graham initially started small by uploading only two songs. They start to hit it off when 7 Years receive innumerable recognition from music enthusiast.

Besides it has an easy-listening melody, 7 Years is also somewhat relatable for the listeners. It is because basically, the lyric of the song is telling listeners about someone’s life—Lukas’ life—as well as what he has and planned for his future self.

The Assets and Lukas Graham Net Worth

If you have to define his source of income, obviously his recent achievement can’t be the only factors in defining it. Indeed, 7 Years is like the gate of his success, but prior to this, he had even managed to dive into other different fields of career. Lukas Graham Net Worth is around $ 10 million.

Acting and doing voice over in a series of movies are the examples. Seeing the total number of movies he acted before, you can’t deny that these series of movie also contribute to his total income. Other than those, any other albums beside 7 Years are also certified platinum. Imagine the revenue that he got for those albums. And well, now you can calculate it by yourself the vocalist of Lukas Graham net worth

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