How to Become a Blockchain Programmer and Start Making Big Bucks

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We are in the early days of blockchain technology, and if you take the initiative to learn how to program on the blockchain, you stand to have a very lucrative career in the future.

The situation is not unlike the early days of the internet, where programmers who had the foresight to learn web programming, found new and growing opportunities to earn impressive incomes into the future.

What do you need to learn to position yourself for that future, and where can you get started learning?

The Potential of the Blockchain

When most people think of the “blockchain”, they immediately think of Bitcoin. However, there’s a big difference, as the following Google Trend graphs reveal.

The following is the search trend over the last two years for “bitcoin”.

This next chart is the search trend for “blockchain” over the same period.

You can see that both saw a tremendous spike in interest over the last half of 2017. After the novelty of Bitcoin’s tremendous rise in price wore off, interest in Bitcoin waned back to and slightly below the end of 2017.

Interest in the blockchain remains higher than the end of 2017 and will likely continue to rise as new innovations are built on top of it.

The difference between Bitcoin and the blockchain is significant. Bitcoin is only an initial application of blockchain technology. But the real star of the show, regardless what happens to Bitcoin, is the blockchain.

The Massive Demand for Blockchain Programmers

Blockchain technology is so new that universities haven’t quite caught up to it with their curricula. For this reason, companies seeking to develop blockchain technologies are turning to freelance developer talent.

Evidence of this was revealed in Upwork’s first quarter report in 2018. According to Upwork, the growth in demand for blockchain skills has been exponential:

“Its growth exceeded 2,000% for three quarters in a row on, and in Q1 it experienced more than 6,000% year-over-year growth, making it the fastest-growing skill out of more than 5,000 skills on the site.”

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