How to Become a Blockchain Programmer and Start Making Big Bucks

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One of the best videos I’ve seen that really helps hammer this concept home is this YouTube video on how to build a blockchain in under 15 minutes:

You can see after watching this that it isn’t the programming language you use that matters, but the method you use to build and utilize a blockchain.

University Blockchain Learning Resources

If you already have a Computer Science degree, or you’re an experienced programmer, then you’re ready to start advancing your blockchain programming skills.

There are numerous resources available that will help you understand blockchain programming concepts, and start to develop your own blockchain applications.

If you’re going into college soon, you may see blockchain sources start showing up in the curriculum. Major universities are also now opening up special labs and project to explore blockchain applications.

A clear sign that a disruptive technology is making inroads into major industries is when you see universities like these increasing research funding in those areas.

Interested in a career in blockchain technology and shopping around for a college to attend? Make sure to ask whether the school you’re considering offers courses on the topic, and whether they have research labs devoted to it as well.

Those research labs could become a great place for you to develop your own blockchain programming skills.

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