Howard Schultz Net Worth and Income as CEO of Starbucks

Howard Schultz net worth and income

Howard Schultz net worth and income

Howard Schultz net worth is one of the most-searched keywords on internet. It is because his important position of Starbucks. If you haven’t known him, you better stay tuned here to know him better. As mentioned before, he held a position in Starbucks. He was the CEO in 1986-200. Again, he was in that position in 2008-2017.

Schultz was born on July 19th 1953 in New York City. His family was poor, but fortunately he was the first in his family who went to a college. He graduated in 1975 with Bachelor of Arts from Michigan University. He began his career as a salesman in which he was then promoted quickly. Later he was managed to become a general manager. He worked for Hammarplast. That was the beginning of his meeting with Starbucks.

This businessman was first known to work at Starbucks as the Director of Marketing. In fact, he quit from Starbucks and built his own store. He got a help from some people. He was very serious in raising his store. Not long after that, Starbucks was sold to him and he expanded the business more and more. That was where all the stories began.

How much is Howard Schultz Net Worth?

As a businessman, he is also a married man who has two children. He has married to Sheri Kersch since 1982. This man has another story in business field. Do you know Seattle SuperSonics and Seattle Storm? These two were formerly owned by Schultz.

In addition to his job, he is also an author of three books. Again with his wife, they have the Schultz Family Foundation. Regarding honors and awards, there have been several of them given to him. Seeing his hard work to build his business line, Howard Schultz net worth is recently estimated to be $2.6 billion.





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