Iain Glen Net Worth as a Star on Game of Thrones
Iain Glen Net Worth as a Star on Game of Thrones

How Much is Game of Thrones Star, Iain Glen Net Worth Today?

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Iain Glen Net Worth as a Star on Game of Thrones
Iain Glen Net Worth : $ 3 million

It is always interesting to talk about celebrity net worth, moreover when they are actors. Iain Glen net worth is being discussed here. As we all know, he plays a role on Game of Thrones. His role there is Ser Jorah Mormont.

In addition, Game of Thrones has reached season 7 up to now and there will be season 8. Love from the fans what brings this series aired continuously. Imagine how much each actor earns on this one. As one of the actors there, let’s get to know more about Iain Glen.

This actor was born on June 24th 1961 in Edinburgh, Scotland. As a Scottish actor, he is an actor on stage, film, and television. He is very notable for his act on Game of Thrones and in the Resident of Evil. Yet, there is still a long list of films or TV series that he plays in. born in Edinburgh, he attended Edinburgh Academy. Later he went to University of Aberdeen.  RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) was where he trained himself then.

He got married to Susannah Harker in 1993, but they got divorced in 2004. There is one son from the marriage. Charlotte Emmerson who is an actress is his partner right now. Together they have two sweet daughters.

Knowing How Much Iain Glen Earns

As mentioned above, he plays on films, TV series or movies, and also theatres. There have been many titles he has played so far. We can tell that he is very passionate in his career. He is indeed very productive since his first appearance in the past.

Looking at how he works hard in his career, it is said that Iain Glen net worth is $3 million. Aside of his earning he has been nominated in various awards and won some of them.


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