J Balvin Net Worth and Income
J Balvin Net Worth and Income

How Much is J Balvin Net Worth and Income Today?

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J Balvin Net Worth and Income
J Balvin Net Worth : $ 12 million

J Balvin is a reggae singer with a total of net worth approximately about $12 millions. With these numbers of J Balvin Net Worth, the singer who was born in Colombia proved his point as a Colombian singer. Actually, his path of career was not smooth at all. Debuting in 2010 with the album Real, he doesn’t really leave a remarkable impression to the public’s ears. The same goes with his second album in 2011. 

It was two years after debuting when he finally picks up the pace in singer world. The album which made him to receive people’s attention was La Familia, released in 2013. His record with the album is on chart #10 in the chart of US Latin. The next album which made him finally step up his game as a reggaeton singer is Energia. It was released 2016.

As one of remarkable albums, Energia successfully charted #1 on both charts of Mexico and US Latin. Other than that, three of his singles, which are “Sola”, “En Lo Oscuro”, and “Yo Te Lo Dije” are noted to chart #1 in the Columbia.

The Source of J Balvin Net Worth and Income

Those paragraphs above mean that the source of his net worth mainly comes from all his songs and albums. It is not an odd thing for those songs to give him those amounts of net worth.  As we can see how often the songs achieve #1 in the majority charts for reggae genre.

For your information, aside from the songs mentioned above, there are still “Ay Vamos”, “Ginza”, “Safari”, “Mi Gente” and other which also charted #1 in the same platform. In addition to his songs and album, other songs that he featured on and awards that he receives during his career also contributes a lot in J Balvin Net Worth. The latter here refer to his achievement in the MTV EMA and the Latin GA.

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