Jack Ma Net Worth and Income
Jack Ma Net Worth and Income

Jack Ma Net Worth and Income, an Inspiring Man from China

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Jack Ma Net Worth and Income
Jack Ma Net Worth and Income

Have you ever heard someone with the name Jack Ma? His name is probably unfamiliar in your ears, but Jack Ma net worth will make you jaw-dropped. It sounds hyperbole, but it is true. Do you want to know his current net worth? The information will be given to you later since you better know him closer first. Let’s dig deeper about him.

Jack Ma was born on September 10th 1964 in Hangzhou, China. His will to learn something has been seen from his young age. He wanted to learn English badly that he was very willing to ride his bike for 70 miles. He did so to guide tourists who went to China to travel around.  Hangzhou international hotel was a place where he conversed with English native speakers. Those foreigners became his pen pals and gave him name “Jack” since his Chinese name was difficult to say for them.

In order to enroll to a college, Ma gave attempts to the entrance exams. It took four years for him to pass the exam. He attended Hangzhou Normal University and graduated with B.A. Back then, he became a lecturer at Hangzhou Dianzi University for years. In 2006, he attended Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.

How Much is Jack Ma Net Worth Today?

Jack Ma is an investor, business magnate, and philanthropist. He is a co-founder of Alibaba Group and also the executive chairman of the group. You must have been very familiar with Alibaba, right? It is a conglomerate which was found in 1999. Ma’s success comes from the success of Alibaba.

He has received many honors and awards from various sources. He has a wife namely Cathy Zhāng Yīng who has given him three children. Additionally, he is one of the Chinese richest men. It is mentioned that Jack Ma net worth reaches $42.2 billion.


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