Jaimie Alexander Net Worth and Income
Jaimie Alexander Net Worth and Income

How Much is Jaimie Alexander Net Worth and Income

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Jaimie Alexander Net Worth and Income
Jaimie Alexander Net Worth : $ 4 Million

Jaimie Lauren Alexander is an American actress.The 34 years old actress is popular for her role in Kyle XY, as Jesi. Kyle XY was a TV series (Ran in 2006-2009). Current she is taking a role as Jane Doe in TV series, Blindspot. She is the main character in that show. So far, Jaimie Alexander net worth has reached more than $ 4 million

Born in Texas, young Jaimie Alexander had a passion in acting since she was a kid. She ever joined a theatre for fun. Unfortunately, she was kicked out because she couldn’t sing. Later, she moved to Los Angeles to achieve her dream in acting.

She began her acting career in 2003. She got role in a low-budget movie,  The Other Side. She played the main role as Hanna Thompson. This was her first stepping stone

Jaimie continues to rise as a star and has recently started to find her feet firmly set in Hollywood, and if the current trend continues, she is set to get bigger roles since she already has both the beauty and the brains to go for it. She had taken a role for some movies even though not all of them ran well. Before she finally got a role which makes her name so famous. Jaimie got a role in TV series Kyle XY. For her good performance, she got a nomination in Saturn award as Best Supporting Actress on Television. While in 2011,by Scream Award her name was listed in a nomination for Best Supporting Actress on Television and Breakout Performance – Female for her role in Thor (2011). And recently she won Action Iconic Award for her role in Blindspot Held by 10th Action Icon Awards.

The source of Jaimie Alexander net worth 2018

Jaimie has found herself taken some roles in many movies and TV series. Her acting career is her biggest income. She played for several TV series including the popular shows, Kyle XY, Agents of SHIELD, and Blindspot. She got main role in Kyle XY which run for 33 episodes. And her role in Blinspot still continues. Both TV shows brought her into wealth. So far Jaimie Alexander Net Worth is more thab $ 4 million dollars.

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