Ji Chang Wook Net Worth and Income
Ji Chang Wook Net Worth and Income

Ji Chang Wook Net Worth, Korean Star with High Salary

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Ji Chang Wook Net Worth and Income
Ji Chang Wook Salary: $ 42.000 per eps

Ji Chang Wook is very popular actor from Korea. His name become so popular after his appearance in TV drama Smile Again (2010). In this TV drama, he played a role as Dong-Hae. His cute look had hypnotized a lot of viewers, especially the women. Ji Chang Wook net worth is still unclear. ut his name is listed among the highest-paid actor in Korea.

Ji Chang Wook was born in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. He currently lives with her mother. His father had passed away due to suffering cancer. When he was young, Ji Chang Wook is just like an ordinary student. He had a dream to be a lawyer, or police. But in fact, he got different way now. He is one of the most popular actors from Korea. Uniquely, her mother actually didn’t agree that his son would become an actor. However, Ji Chang Wook can convince her about his choice.

His interest in acting showed when he did an acting for his senior in college. He did some cameos before he finally did official debut. He took a roleĀ  in sleeping beauty (an indie movie in 2008). it was directed by his senior, Lee Hana. She then included in various titles of TV drama and movies.

Some popular movies he starred including “The Long Way Home”, “Death Bell II”, “Fabricated City”. While the TV series included “Impress Ki”, “Healer”, “K2”, etc.

The Source of Ji Chang Wook net worth and income

Most of his income are from his appearance in various movies and dramas. His excellent acting brought him to fame with high-fee. Based on some sources, Ji Chang Wook salary today could reach $42.000 for 1 episode. It put his name in the list of Highest-paid actors in Korea. Besides, he also did modelling for many kinds of commercial products.

It’s so unfortunate that, Ji Chang Wook net worth has not been revealed yet. But surely, his income made his bank account high.

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