Jimmy Diresta Net Worth and Income
Jimmy Diresta Net Worth and Income

How Much is Jimmy DiResta Net Worth and Income?

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Jimmy Diresta Net Worth and Income
Jimmy Diresta Net Worth : $ 1.4 million

Jimmy DiResta is a designer and a host of TV Program from New York. In 1986, he attended Visual Arts School and he graduated after 4 years with a BFA degree. Jimmy DiResta Net Worth reached more or less $ 1.4 Million dollars. Of course it can increase even more.

Earlier, with experiences in designing, Jimmy DiResta built a company in his home. It creates toys. Then Jimmy DiResta tried to expand his career in the entertainment industry. In this way he became a co host and set decorator for popular TV show Trash to Cash.The show was broadcasted by Fox in 2003.

in 2006, he collaborated with his brother John DiResta in Hammered with John & Jimmy DiResta. The show looked unique and interesting. Because the brothers have different background of job. John is a comedian, while Jimmy is good in Craftsmanship. The show got tagline,“Jimmy can make anything and John can make anything funny”.¬†

John and Jimmy really made good collaboration. They also worked together in Dirty Money (2011) which was on Discovery Channel.

The TV career brings his name to fame. In this social media era Jimmy build his own channel on YouTube named JimmyDiresta, MakeZine and Core77.inc. The channel JimmyDiresta  got more than 1.2 million subscribers and the Makezine did too. There, in his YouTube Channel, you will see many creative work that you can try at home.

The Source of Jimmy DiResta Net Worth

The source of his income was from the activities that he did. As a designer, he had created cool stuffs. He also hosted several TV shows including with his brother John DiResta. His job as a host on TV had increased his income and popularity too. Further, he also received more income from his youTube channel. So far, Jimmy DiResta net worth reached 1.4 million dollars.

Don’t you know? in 2016, Make (magazine) published a book which is co-written by Jimmy DiResta and John Baichtal. The book is “Workshop Mastery with Jimmy DiResta.”

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