Jimmy Walker Net Worth and Income
Jimmy Walker Net Worth and Income

How Much is Golfer, Jimmy Walker Net Worth and Income

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Jimmy Walker Net Worth and Income
Jimmy Walker Net Worth: $ 16 million

James William Walker currently suffering Lyme disease, is a 6 times PGA Tour winner. He won his first major title at the PGA Championship in 2016. On the field, he was known well as Jimmy Walker, He has spent more or less 17 years as golfer. And of course, he earned fame and much money from it. Jimmy Walker Net Worth is around 16 million dollars now.

Born in Oklahoma, he was listed as a student from Canyon High School in New Braunfels in 1997. His passion of golf showed when he was in college. He played his first golf at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Jimmy began his professional career since 2001. He was 22 years old at that time.

2004 might one of the most memorable year for him. There he played inĀ  BellSouth Panama Championship and the Chitimacha Louisiana Open. Surprisingly, he won the game for sure. Those are his first two professional events of his career. This is the beginning of how his money raised significantly. He even received Player of the Year honors, while in he was also earning his PGA Tour card for the first time in the process.

Even though he was contracted with Lyme disease in 2017, he hopes that he could avoid taking any time off from the tour as professional golfer.

The Source of Jimmy Walker Net Worth and Income

Based on some sources in 2017 he made more or less $1,1 million in 2017. His highest earnings so far was in 2014. Reported in Playerswiki, his earning in 2014 reached $5,787,016. It was due to his winning 3-times in the first eight events of the 2014 PGA Tour.

Some other sources of his income are from endorsements. Some products that he endorsed including Proven 4, Vokey Wedge and Lodge Castrion, etc.

Many people hope that he would get well soon. He is 39. If he could keep on track, he will earn more income.

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