Joe Arpaio Net Worth and Income
Joe Arpaio Net Worth and Income

The Estimated amount of Joe Arpaio Net Worth and Income

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Joe Arpaio Net Worth and Income
Joe Arpaio Net Worth and Income

What do you think about “Joseph Michael Arpaio”? Yes, he is one of the popular law figures in America. The man who was born in Springfield, Massachusetts on June, 1932 served as Maricopa County Sheriff for 36 years. He was a responsible sheriff in Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office management, detainee’s transportation, county prison, and warrant service. The 36 years work was able to produce fantastic number of Joe Arpaio Net Worth.

Joe Arpaio is popular as a figure who truly criticizes illegal immigration. His career was much focused on illegal immigration. He started taking anti-illegal immigration in 2005. Moreover, 2010 is the year which anti-illegal immigrant law opposition began. Indeed, he had been accused in violation of immigration law.

This father of 2 began his career as sheriff in 1992. Then, he became sheriff again every 4 years including 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012. Don’t you know? He also ever appear in TV show. His appearance in television was in 2008 and 2009 on Smile, You’re Under Arrest!. He is popular as toughest sheriff as well. In July 2017, he was convicted because he refused to obey court command to stop traffic patrols to identify illegal immigrants. But in August 2017,  Donald Trump had forgiven him.

The Amazing Number of Joe Arpaio Net Worth

Because of his dedication on anti-illegal immigration, Joe Arpaio successfully reaches a net worth of $500,000. How can he get that wealth? He had been on duty in United States Army as police officer. Joe Arpaio salary could reach $100,000 annually. Besides, he also gets $65,000 per year from pension income.

Although he makes controversy in career, Joe becomes one of the inspirational figures in America. He didn’t use the wealth just for his own pleasure. Based on some sources, From Joe Arpaio Net Worth, he created a new nonprofit advocacy group like Sheriff Joe Arpaio Action Fund in 2016.


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