John R Bolton Net Worth
John R Bolton Net Worth

John R Bolton Net Worth as a Famous Lawyer

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John R Bolton Net Worth
John R Bolton Net Worth: $6-$10 million

John Robert Bolton is known as a lawyer. He was born in Baltimore on November 20th 1948. Recently, his name is rising due to his new position to replace H.R. McMaster. President Trump has asked him to be the next National Security Advisor for U.S. He will become the 27th Advisor. Regarding his name that is appointed by the President of U.S., people are being curious about him. John R Bolton net worth so far is interesting topic to discuss.

Regarding his net worth, it is best to know him first. Aside of being a lawyer, this famous lawyer is also an activist, commentator, and also Republican consultant. Yes, for your information, he is a Republican. As long as he works on his field, he has worked for several famous names namely Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and now Donald Trump. However, the position he works on are various. He has ever worked as an ambassador, an assistant secretary, an assistant administrator, and more. He is experienced in his field. Therefore he has President Trump’s trust to serve as the next advisor.

Talking about his personal life, he got married to Christine Bolton in 1972-1983. His wife now is Gretchen Smith and they have a daughter named Jennifer. Related to the university he attended, he graduated from Yale University with BA and JD.

How Much John R Bolton Net Worth Nowadays?

Talking about his career is endless. He has had many experiences. He has ever worked on Fox News as a contributor. Being a chairman in an institute was experienced by him. There are still more things about him.

Looking at how many things which have been gone through by him makes people wonder about his salary. His salary is surely different in each position. Yet, John R Bolton net worth is estimated to be in range $6 – $10 million.


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