John W Henry Net Worth
John W Henry Net Worth

John W Henry Net Worth, a businessman who owns Liverpool FC

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John W Henry Net Worth
John W Henry Net Worth : $ 2.5 billion

John W. Henry is an American investor slash businessman. He has a total net worth of $2.5 billion as of 26th June 2018. With the amount of John W Henry Net Worth, he is able to enter the list of 2018 Billionaires according to Forbes.

Henry was born in one city in Illinois, Quincy. There is no something special about his childhood as his parents were only a pair of soybean farmers. However, the basic knowledge about soybean farming that he got from his parents has led him in the future to trading soybean and corn. He did it to learn and see it by himself how the business in the related field works.

Together with his wife—Mai, he started the business which ultimately grants him the founding of John W Henry and Company in the early 80s. As the business continues, at a certain point in 2002, he purchased the Red Sox. This was not come out of anywhere though since he was a fan of baseball since his youth days.

The Source of John W Henry Net Worth

The fortune of John W Henry, goes without saying, comes mostly from his investment in the sports. Red Sox was one thing because he also owned the Liverpool FC. That’s right, the professional football club based in England is owned by this very man.

In addition to these two, he also put his fortune to support Nascar or well-known as Roush’s Fenway Racing. These must have left you jaw-dropping. No, the source of his net worth doesn’t end with his dedication to sports because in 2013 he also put down a total of seventy million dollars for the sake of The Boston Globe. All these properties surely bring the man enough money to have the John W Henry Net Worth.


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