Jon Jones Net Worth and income
Jon Jones Net Worth and income

How Much is MMA Jon Jones Net Worth and Income 2018?

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Jon Jones Net Worth and income
Jon Jones Net Worth : $ 10 million

If you are a fan of MMA sport, then the name of Jon Jones must ring the bell in your head. Yes, Jon Jones is an American MMA who received the title as the youngest victor ever in the history of UFC. With his career going well, he ultimately has a total of $10 million as Jon Jones Net Worth. The champion was born in one of the cities in western part of NY, Rochester.

The martial artist who also goes with the name Jonathan Dwight Jones initially took an interest in wrestling from high school. As he wants to pursue his potential as martial artist, he went to several competitions. Later, he took the competition further into national championship and went home by bringing a trophy out of it.

There are no exact explanations to why, but assuming the fact that he won in the JUCO championship may contribute in his decision to leave the college earlier. It seems like that moment is when he started to step up his game by debuting as a professional martial artist in 2018.

The Source of Jon Jones Net Worth

The source of his net worth comes from his income as an American MMA. That goes without saying. By looking at his achievement alone during his career as a MMA, it makes a lot of sense for him to have such big numbers as his total of net worth.

To prove the point, into his third month of career, Jon already had a total of six win from his undefeated match-ups. This winning streak definitely brought him some money into his pocket as well as made him to be the worthy of UFC attention. The peak of his career—which leads him to have those amounts of Jon Jones Net Worth was of course, when he was rank as the number one of UFC in pound-for-pound.


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