Josep Maria Bartomeu Net Worth
Josep Maria Bartomeu Net Worth

Josep Maria Bartomeu Net Worth and His Long Way to Reach Success

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Josep Maria Bartomeu Net Worth
Josep Maria Bartomeu Net Worth : $100 million

If you are a fan of FC Barcelona, you might already heave heard of Josep Maria Bartomeu. That’s right – he is the president of the football club FC Barcelona. If all the sources of income of a football club president is accumulated, it is not surprising that their net worth will be very high. Recent reports state that Josep Maria Bartomeu net worth has reached $100 million. That is a fantastic amount and it is comparable to the net worth of public figures in other fields such as actors, actresses, and international musicians.

Josep Maria Bartomeu has also proven his excellence in other sports club. You should know that, he also managed futsal, beach football, basketball, handball, and two types of hockey – roller and ice hockey.

Bartomeu is also a loyal partner and CEO of several companies and this also contributes to his total net worth of a hundred million dollars. When FC Barcelona was led by Joan Laporta, he started his service in FC Barcelona and stayed there for several years. Due to his influence for the club, he finally became the president.

Fifty-five years is still considered a young age as a football team manager or other respected positions. Because of the achievements his teams have got, we can be sure that he can maintain this position for the next few years.

Sources of Josep Maria Bartomeu Net Worth

His successful career in managing several football teams put his nam on top of his career. It is not surprising that Josep Maria Bartomeu net worth could be hundred million dollars. During his presidency, FC Barcelona won several prestigious competitions. Those included the Copa Del Rey, La Liga, UEFA Champions League, and even FIFA club World Cup etc/

Josep Maria Bartomeu net worth does not make him a conceited man. Because he knows that nothing is possible without the support of football enthusiasts. Bartomeu also succeeds in maintaining a happy married life far from gossips and dramas.


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