Julen Lopetegui Net Worth
Julen Lopetegui Net Worth

Julen Lopetegui Net Worth, New Real Madrid Boss

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Julen Lopetegui Net Worth
Julen Lopetegui Net Worth: uncleared

Julen Lopetegui is one of the football players with high income. Julen Lopetegui net worth is still unknown to this day. We all can be sure that he is at least worth several million dollars since he has went through his career for tens of years. He is currently fifty-one years old. The beginning of his career started by joining the U-21 team of his home country, Spain.

However, he did not stay ling in the club because a senior football player named Luis Arconada disqualified him from the team. But he did not give up; he knows that he has the potential to become a more experienced football player. In 1985, he signed a contract with Castilla Football Club and received an offer and agreed to play for Real Madrid. After playing for Real Madrid for around three years, he transferred to Las Palmas and Logrones. One of his biggest achievements is playing in the Spanish team for 1994 World Cup.

After he finished being a player in the team, He went through several roles in the football world, including being an assistant coach, sports commentator, and a manager. He was the manager of Spain National Team and has led his team to success. Unfortunately His contract with the national team ended just before Spain played in World Cup. Because, he received a big offer from Real Madrid. He was chosen to replace Zinedine Zidane

Sources of Julen Lopetegui Net Worth

Most of Julen Lopeteguiā€™s net worth obviously comes from his various careers in the world of football. Playing for several prestigious teams including Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, of course, will result in high income. With his experience of playing in more than 200 games, he is absolutely one of the highest paid players.

Julen Lopetegui net worth does not make him arrogant. We can see this from the way he maintains a low-key life and keeps his private life away from public consumption. His life is also far from gossips, which makes him a good role model for all of us.

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