Julie Newmar Net Worth and Income
Julie Newmar Net Worth and Income

How Much is Julie Newmar Net Worth and Income Today?

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Julie Newmar Net Worth and Income
Julie Newmar Net Worth : $ 5 million

Julie Newmar is a veteran actress. Nowadays, she has been 84 years old. She was popular for her role in Broadway,  The Marriage-Go-Round, as Katrin Sveg. And acted as Catwoman in TV series of Batman. So Far Julie Newmar net worth is around $ 5 million.

Born in Los Angeles, in 1933 , she actually started her career as a dancer. For her experience in dancing, Newmar joined Los Angeles Opera at the age of fifteen. She performed as the Opera’s prima ballerina. Of course, her skill in dancing really helped her building career. She ever got a role as dancer assassin in “Slaves of Babylon”, a 1953 movie. Many people appreciated her role. Since then she got another dance appearances from one film to another.

In 1961, she ever got nominated in Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer. Her role in The Marriage-Go-Round, as Katrin Sveg did it.This role made her name so popular in US. She Also got second nomination Golden Globe Award for Best TV Star for her role in My Living Doll.

Surprisingly, till now, he is still active. It was seen from her latest project. She had a role as a voice actor for Animated movie Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders and Batman vs. Two-Face.

The source of Julie Newmar Net Worth

Talking about her income, surely it was all from her career as an actress and dancer. She has been in this industry for decades. He got roles in some TV shows. And her voice also gave her more income for dubbing a DC superhero cat-woman in animated series.

Besides, Newmar had invested in Los Angeles real estate in the 1980s. A women’s magazine stated,

“Newmar is partly responsible for improving the Los Angeles neighborhoods on La Brea Avenue and Fairfax Avenue near the Grove.”

Her hard work and patience was paid now. Julie Newmar net worth is around $ 5 million

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