Kai Greene Net Worth and Income
Kai Greene Net Worth and Income

Professional Bodybuilder Kai Greene Net Worth and Income

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Kai Greene Net Worth and Income
Kai Greene Net Worth : $ 1 million

You must be already familiar with the man Kai Greene. Who doesn’t if he is someone considered to be professional in bodybuilder? However, the real question is whether you are familiar with his total of net worth. The latest rumor reported that Kai Greene Net Worth now has reached the number of $1 million. Indeed, what a number for a bodybuilder.

Kai Greene was born forty-three years ago in Brooklyn. His interest in bodybuilding was started way before when he was an awkward teenager in his 7th grade. It was actually from his teacher that he eventually took interest in this activity. About years later, he made a step to pursue his dream by participating in a National Physique Competition. The competition was held in 1999, which was when he was 24 years old.

Unfortunately, after his big moment he decided to leave the field for contemporary and back to compete five years later. As he also brought home a trophy in 2004, he was qualified as a professional bodybuilder under IFBB. Years later, he won a total of three competitions in the span of three years consecutively.

The Source of Kai Greene Net Worth

If one were to talk about the source of his net worth of course all his participation in various competitions takes most part in contributing the net worth. That is without a doubt and very much obvious as you can see it by yourself the list of his achievements during his years of career. Those mentioned in the previous paragraph are just some of them.

The second source to Kai Greene Net Worth is his featuring. Being a famous figure that he is, of course, he has his own share of being featured on various documentaries. One of the most memorable one is Generation Iron, which was released in 2013, when he made a brief appearance there.


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