Ken Curtis Net Worth and Income 2018
Ken Curtis Net Worth and Income 2018

How Much is Ken Curtis Net Worth and Income

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Ken Curtis Net Worth and Income 2018
Ken Curtis Net Worth : $ 5 Million

Ken Curtis was a stage name. His real name was ‎Curtis Wain Gates. He was a popular American singer and actor. His role as Festus Haggen in Gunsmoke made his name became very popular. Based on some sources, Ken Curtis Net Worth reached $ 5 Millions.

Young Ken Curtis lived in Bent County east. His father, Dan Sullivan Gates, was the sheriff of this region since 1927.  Ken used to play as a quarterback for his school in Bent County. And when the world war II came, he served his country as United States army in 1943 to 1945.

In the beginning of his career, Curtis is known as a singer. He joined Tommy Dorsey Band 1991 with Frank Sinatra as the lead  vocal. However, Frank Sinatra in this band was only one year before he was replaced by Dick Haymes. Ken also joined another band name Shep Fields.

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as an actor, he began his career in 1945 after Columbia Pictures took him to be an actor for a series of musical Westerns alongside The Hoosier Hot Shots. Few years later he expanded his career as the host and singer of WWVA Jamboree,the long-running country music radio program. While 3 years with Sons of the Pioneers since 1949 as the lead vocal, he and his band craeted 2 hits songs including “Room Full of Roses” and “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky”.

The source of Ken Curtis Net worth

Since then he starred various titles of movies and TV shows. And his role as Festus in Gunsmoke made him so popular in the eye of people. Festus got the role the longest (11 years), in 304 episodes.

Talking about the source of his income, it was obviously from his career as an actor and singer. Ken Curtis has spent many years in entertainment industry. He did both singing and acting. He acted in several movies and TV shows. And his role in Gunsmoke had made a lot of profit and income.  He had earned 5 Million dollars for his hard work along his career

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