Ken Nugent Net Worth and Income
Ken Nugent Net Worth and Income

How Much is The Attorney, Ken Nugent Net Worth and Income

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Ken Nugent Net Worth and Income
Ken Nugent Net Worth : $ 500.000

Ken Nugent is popular personal injury lawyers in the United States. He has been a lawyer since 1980. So far, he has established some law firms including in Atlanta, Georgia and also 7 other law firms in nearby locations. Many people also know him for involving himself in some activities, he extends to Georgia teachers by funding aids. He provides the teachers that they can use to put towards school supplies or an excursion. This will help the students at class. So far, ken Nugent net worth has reached $ 500.000

Ken was born in Georgia. This is a place where he spent his life serving  the public in his law firm. Don’t  you know? When he was in middle school, Ken didn’t perform well in his class. His parents and the teachers even concern about it. After some meetings, classes and discussion, they found that Kent’s intelligence was not problem. He was just not interested to learn something common or too trivial for him.

Fortunately, the teacher made him free to pick any subjects he liked, Due to this chance, Ken finally copuld choose what he desired to learn, he even practice Basketball. It was said that becoming a basketball player was his dream. Even though at the end he became a lawyer now.

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The Source of Ken Nugent Net Worth

Most of his income was from his effort as a lawyer and his firms. As you know that he has worked in this firm for more than 3 decades. Ken Nugent net worth reached $ 500.000. You might know that without attorney, clients can barely earn $10,000. The good thing is, Ken Nugent is a reliable attorney. He does helping the people with the money he got. The Georgia people surely respected him a lot.

Quoted in America’s Top Attorneys,

“Ken believes that being like a good neighbor is not enough. You have to be a good neighbor, and give back to the communities that trust and support your business.”

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