Kevin Systrom Net Worth and Income
Kevin Systrom Net Worth and Income

Kevin Systrom Net Worth and Income, The Instagram Founder

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Kevin Systrom Net Worth and Income
Kevin Systrom Net Worth and Income

Are you an Instagram user? If yes, you must be familiar with this person, Kevin Systrom. If you are not, then here is what you need to know about him, especially Kevin Systrom net worth. The man who has a total of $1.1 billion as his net worth is well-known as an entrepreneur. Or to be more precise, he is popular as co-founder of Instagram.

The man was born in California in the early 80s. And he grew up in the northeastern US, Massachusetts. He attended Middlesex School, and there he got exposure of computer programming. At first, his interest only started from a simple mind of wanting to create a level of his own in the video game Doom 2. Later, his interest grew that he once pranks a friend of his own by creating a program. With this program, he pranks them so they assumed their chatting account was hacked.

Those things that he had done during his teenage ultimately lead him to attend Stanford and majoring in engineering. His very first ‘official’ project then began when he became one of the students participating in a training program of MFP held by Stanford.

The Source of Kevin Systrom Net Worth

Obviously, the source of Kevin Systorm fortune was from Instagram. Even if in 2012, Instagram was reported to be acquired by Facebook, but Kevin is still the one who is in charge of it. At the early stage of acquisition, the deal gave Kevin a total of $400 million as his share of stock. You see, this is an exemplary amount of money already.

Two years later, the stock was doubled and from it, Kevin was left with a total of $800 million as his net worth. Now, after a couple of years since the last calculation, as Instagram also continue to grow, his stock worthy of $1 billion as Kevin Systrom net worth.

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