Kim Soo Hyun Net Worth and Income
Kim Soo Hyun Net Worth and Income

Kim Soo Hyun Net Worth and Income, “My Love from the Star” Actor

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Kim Soo Hyun Net Worth and Income
Kim Soo Hyun Net Worth and Income

Korean wave has influenced the world. That’s why you will find that Korea has many talented idols. Many big names in a form of Boyband, Girlband, actors have been popular not only in Asia, but also some countries  in the world. Kim So Hyun is one of the most popular Korean actors . He is even in the highest-paid actor list.  Kim Soo Hyun Net Worth is still under review. Some sources predicted that the total of his net worth should be more than $ 15 million dollars.

Kim was born on February 16, 1988. When he was a kid, he was actually a shy boy. Her mother was so worried about her son Moreover, Kim So Hyun didn’t grow with his father. Since then, her mother brought him to an acting class. Her decision changed Kim’s life. He grew well as a more confident and famous star.

in his early of career he starred on ‘Kimchi Cheese Smile’ in 2007. This is his acting debut in Drama. And don’t you know? He ever took casting for ‘Boys Over Flower’, however, the director thought that he was not suitable to take a role in that Drama. Therefore, Lee Min Ho became the lead actor.

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Kim Soo Hyun had starred various titles of movies and dramas. Some of the notable series and movies included “Dream High”, “My Love from the Star”,”The Producers”, “Moon Embracing the Star”, “The Thieves”  “Secretly, Greatly”, etc. Dream High and My Love from The Star successfully brought his name to fame.

The Source of Kim Soo Hyun Net Worth

Most of his income was from the acting career. As yopu see, he has starred in many titles of dramas and movies. For now, Kim Soo Hyun salary could receive $74.436,60 for each of episodes. It puts his name as one of the highest-paid actors. 

Besides, he also got more income from many commercial products and model too. Some Popular brands have no doubt to choose him as their Brand Ambassador.


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