Kirk Herbstreit Net Worth and income
Kirk Herbstreit Net Worth and income

How Much is Kirk Herbstreit Net Worth and Income 2018?

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Kirk Herbstreit Net Worth and income
Kirk Herbstreit Net Worth : $ 4 million

Becoming an enthusiast in sports does not always mean someone is neglecting his education and not pursuing a career. An example of a successful person that specializes in sports is Kirk Herbstreit. Although not many of us have heard about him, he is actually widely as a sports analyst. And he is one of the most successful people in this field. He got an interest in sports from a young age – it is proven by the fact that he was a top football and baseball player in school. Last reports state that Kirk Herbstreit net worth has reached an amount of $4 million.

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Kirk Herbstreit has shown his potential in sports since his teenage years. He was an acclaimed Gatorade player during his senior year. However, he did not completely put his life into sports or chose to become an athlete. He decided to pursue a degree in business administration and graduated in the early nineties.

After completing his formal education, Kirk Herbstreit started his career in broadcasting. Since then, he has appeared in various TV shows including being a host in “College GameDay”, which was aired in the top sports channel ESPN. Other than being a host and commentator, he also contributes to ESPN’s magazine.

Sources of Kirk Herbstreit Net Worth

Being an expert in sports makes it possible for Kirk Herbstreit to earn a fortune from it. Imagine getting 250 thousand dollars as your annual salary – that is the amount Kirk Herbstreit gets. Because of his experience and expertise, he was also nominated for Sports Emmy Award.

Kirk Herbstreit net worth does not make him forget who he was before he became famous. He has allocated a big fraction of his money for charity, such as establishing a cancer foundation and Make A Wish Foundation. However, some people in Ohio dislike him because he once criticized the state’s team.


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