Kirstie Alley Net Worth and income
Kirstie Alley Net Worth and income

How Much is The Famous Kirstie Alley Net Worth and Income?

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Kirstie Alley Net Worth and income
Kirstie Alley Net Worth and Income

The former actress of David’s Mother TV series, Kirstie Alley, has acted for more than thirty years. Her acting career contributes most to Kirstie Alley net worth. This Emmy award winner is estimated to have $30 million worth. The number include her several mansions.

Coming from Wichita, Kirstie was pursuing scientology at first when she moved to Los Angeles. There, she worked as an interior designer and partly participated as a contestant in various game shows. Luckily, she won the game with $6000 in total. Since entertainment industry is more promising than being a designer, she shifted her job to be an actress.

As we know, her career in acting was rocketing. Her first big role was to play in Star Trek II movie. Even though she did not continue her role in Star Trek series, she kept acting in other various TV series, such as North and South, David’s Mother, Masquerade, Cheers, and many others. She also kept appearing in other famous movies like One More Chance, Look Who’s Talking, Summer School and others.

Further Information about Kirstie Alley Net Worth Sources

Besides acting, Kristie also produces some movies that contribute to her net worth, for example Nevada. Due to excellent acting career, she is rewarded by several awards, including Emmy award, Golden Globe award, People Choice award, and Screen Actor Guide award. She is also often being a guest star in several TV shows; The Dr. Oz show and Dancing with The Stars.

Moreover, Kirstie has her own organic product line namely Organic Liaison. The product was inspired by her attempt to lose weight. In addition, Kirstie Alley net worth includes some of her properties such as a luxurious cottage and its private island in Isleboro as well as the real estate in Los Feliz that is recently sold.


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