Larry Page Net Worth and Income
Larry Page Net Worth and Income

Larry Page Net Worth and Income, The CEO of Google

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Larry Page Net Worth and Income
Larry Page Net Worth : $ 52.4 Billion

He is one of the most Powerful People in 2018. Larry Page might have approximately 52.4 billion as of 26th June 2018. Well, this number of Larry Page net worth certainly represents himself as someone with the title of billionaires. In US alone, according to Forbes, he is ranked as the 9th place.

This is not an odd thing though because if you trace his story back, you will understand the power that he truly holds. Years ago, the Michigan born man decided to pursue an education in computer science as his bachelor degree. With his brilliant way of thinking, everything was so smooth that he continued the study in Stanford by majoring in the same field of study after graduating from University of Michigan.

That was in 1995 when he met his partner Sergey Brin—later they partnered up in the research project BackRub. This project mainly to focus on how to maximize the internet searches, in which, with this very project, Google was founded. After they secured an amount of money from Andy Bechtolsheim, they incorporated the said project in 1998.

The Source of Larry Page net worth

The source of Larry Page’s fortune mainly is from the public asset. As the Chief Executive Officer of Alphabet—Google’s parent company, his earning comes from his own share of stake in the company. Now along with the spread of Google, which now can be considered as the largest SE in the world, in various other business, imagine how much salary that its employees receive. Let alone a CEO.

In addition to this, Page was also one of the early investors in the latest innovation of electric car. That is Tesla Motors. This is certainly a good infestation for the future technology. And if things turned out well, this will significantly contribute in the Larry Page net worth.

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