Larry Pottefield Net Worth and Income
Larry Pottefield Net Worth and Income

How Much is Larry Potterfield Net Worth and Income Today?

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Larry Potterfield is best known as a successful businessman from America. he is the founder and CEO of MidwayUSA. This company is a retailer of shooting, hunting and outdoor products. Larry Potterfield Net Worth is estimated around $8 billion.


He was born in Missouri. He grew well with a middle class family. His passion about shooting showed since he was a kid. He spent his childhood a rural countryside. From there he began loving shooting. At young age, he was trained. He was so happy for hunting and living in the outdoor life. Don’t you know? His brother gave him first gun called “Stevens Single Shot”. Larry was still 13 at that time.

After graduating from college, he ever joined the Air Force. His military stint lasted from 1971 to 1977. When his commitment in the Air Force completed, he began to open a gun shop, named Ely Arms, Inc. the business is well-planned start-ups in Missouri. Of course with his experience in the past with gun, he is so confident with his business.

Larry developed his interest in skeet shooting. After he met his wife, they decided to build a business empire. However, due to a controversial event, he needed to change the name of the company to MidwayUSA. The company ran successfully. For now on, they could get billion dollars.

The source of Larry Potterfield Net Worth

Most of Larry Potterfield income was from his great business under MidwayUSA. When it was still Ely Arms Inc, He finished an offering  of 8mm hand-made ammunition for Japanese pistol and ammunition for 25 Remington rifle. and he also received a great order of 8mm Nambu Brass 3 years later. His business turned great. Thanks to his hobby and interest, so that he could manage his business greatly. Larry Potterfied net worth reaches $ 8 Billion or more.

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