Lena Headey Net Worth
Lena Headey Net Worth

How Much is Game of Thrones, Lena Headey Net Worth Today?

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Lena Headey Net Worth
Lena Headey Net Worth : $ 9 million

Now, who doesn’t recognize the talented actress Lena Headey unless they lived in a cave? It’s no one. Yes, there is literally no one who doesn’t know this beautiful human being. With her current popularity, it was reported that the total of Lena Headey Net Worth has reached the number of $9 million.

All of her achievements in the film industry were initially started from her little interest in acting. It is because if many actors and actress had shown their interest since they were children, Lena started to take interest in acting since she was in high school. That was when she received her very first role with the Royal National Theater.

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Later, she transitioned to be involved in a movie production in the 90s. In which, this very decision had allowed her to appear on various television series and movies. It was not all extravagant of course, in her early career days, she only got to play a minor or supporting character. After a couple of years into her career, she finally featured as a co-star.

The Source of Lena Headey Net Worth

All the projects that she had done for the past years of her career obviously became her main source of net worth. With the number of notable movies she was starred in, it is easy for her to have such net worth. From Mrs. Dalloway to The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, all of those movies is regarded as high profiles.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always turns out like how we expected. It’s the same with Lena’s. In 2013, she claimed that she was so near to bankrupt. She was so broke that she only had five bucks in her bank account. Past aside, now she has a million dollars for each episode that she was featured in The Game of Thrones. Moreover, with the said amount of salary, she is able to have the mentioned Lena Headey Net Worth.

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