Les Moonves Net Worth and Income
Les Moonves Net Worth and Income

Les Moonves Net Worth and Income, The CEO of CBS Corporation

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Les Moonves Net Worth and Income
Les Moonves Net Worth : $ 700 m

Leslie Roy Moonves is popular as Les Moonves. He is an American media executive who currently serves as Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO of CBS Corporation. He already had a series of executive positions at CBS, since July 1995. Besides, he is also a Director at ZeniMax Media He finally became the Chairman of CBS in 2016. Forbes noted that Les Moonves net worth should be around $700 million

Moonves actually began his career as an actor. However, he changed his mind after playing inĀ “forgettable”. He preferred working behind the screen.

Before joining CBS, his name is quite popular for his position as the CEO for Warner Bros TV in 1993. At that time, Friends and ER were two of popular shows he green-lighted. In 1995, he joined CBS and became the president of CBS Entertainment. He ran the business very well. So that he could get promotion to the top.

Nowadays, he has become the Chairman of the Board and the CEO of the CBS. Forbes even put his name on the publication’s list of the Richest Hollywood Powerbrokers.

The Source of Les Moonves Net Worth and Income

Les Moonves got most of his income from this entertainment industry business. The Forbes noted Les Moonves net worth around $ 700 million.He has been in this industries for decades. According to Salary.com Les Moonves salary could achieve $68,375,015 (2017). Besides, he also currently sit on the position as the board of ZeniMax Media, alongside the president, Ernest Del.

About his personal life, Les Moonves has married twice. Today, he lives with her wife Julie Chen. He also has 4 children, they are Charlie Moonves, Sara Moonves, Adam Moonves, Michael Moonves. Don’t you know? Moonves involved as a founding member of the Commission on Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality . It was form oin the late of 2017.

Short Info about Les Moonves Bio

Full NameLeslie Roy Moonves
Place, Date of BirthNew York, October 6, 1949
Social Media-
Net Worth$ 700 million

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