Lil Dicky Net Worth and income
Lil Dicky Net Worth and income

How Much is “Ex-Boyfriend” Lil Dicky Net Worth and income?

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Lil Dicky Net Worth and income
Lil Dicky Net Worth : 8 million dollar

As an American comedian slash rapper, Lil Dicky Net Worth reach approximately about $8 millions. The star gained his fame and title as “Ex-Boyfriend” Lil Dicky once his music video went viral on Youtube years ago. The name Ex-Boyfriend was from the title of his song, thus the name. The said music video was viral because it was noted to achieve a total of one million views only within a day—or twenty-four hours.

Actually, his career was started way before he went viral. He said that he once initially went off as a rapper with a concept in mind to entertain people. His first mix tape was released in 2011, it was entitled So Hard. Everything seems so steady that time, there were no crucial thing that made his name blows.

It was two years later when his song Ex-Boyfriend gained public’s attention. From then on, his debut album as a professional rapper then made several remarkable achievements. The album was released two years after his viral Youtube video. It charted #1 under the categories of US Rap, US Comedy and US Indie charts. On the other hand, it charted #7 under Billboard Hot 200 while charted #2 under US R&B chart.

The Source of Lil Dicky Net Worth

The source of his net worth, without a doubt, comes mostly from his profession as a rapper. By looking at the mentioned achievement in the previous paragraph alone, you can see it by yourself how much money that he made from all those achievement. 

Aside from his solo activities as a rapper, he being featured on other’s work also contributes in the total of Lil Dicky Net Worth. Two of those works are produced by Trinidad James which also features Mystikal in the single and one produced by Kent Jones. The latter single features E-40 as well as Ty Dolla $ign apart from him. 

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