Linda Blair Net Worth and income
Linda Blair Net Worth and income

Linda Blair Net Worth Largely Influenced by The Exorcist

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Linda Blair Net Worth and income
Linda Blair Net Worth : $ 16 Million

Linda Blair net worth is quite high reaching an amount of $16 million herself. She was born January 22, 1959 who is an activist for animal rights also an American actress. Her hometown is located precisely in Westport, Connecticut, United States and she’s still active up to this day.

Her most popular role was in 1973’s The Exorcist where she portrayed Regan, the possessed child. Through that role, she won Golden Globe award and once nominated for Academy Award. Linda Blair returned with her role as Regan in Exorcist II: The Heretic in 1977. Through her role, she earned a nomination for Saturn Award.

Although towards end of 1970s, Linda Blair faced with legal issues and got arrested with drug possession charge. From there, she went through 3 years of probation and has paid an amount of $5,000 fine. Since this drug possession incident, Linda has been having trouble with making a comeback up until today.

Linda Blair Net Worth and Source of Wealth

Blair’s hard-earned wealth is mostly from her work on a lot of television shows and movies. As for her activist title, she’s affiliated with PETA, Variety, Feed the Children and many other organizations. She began her career as a child model at her age of 6. She first starred in plenty of low-budget exploitation and horror movies such as Savage Streets (1984), Hell Night (1981), and Chained Heat (1983). Her peak of fame reached when she was cast in The Exorcist. Her contribution to movies of horror genre won her a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Linda Blair net worth is expected to increase due to her persistence in the industry. Her screen debut began back in 1970 in The Way We Lived Now as Sara Aldridge. This 59-year old actress has also embraced her acting prowess through various television series.

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