Lisa Nichols Net Worth and Income 2018
Lisa Nichols Net Worth and Income 2018

How Much is Lisa Nichols Net Worth and Income?

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Lisa Nichols Net Worth and Income 2018
Lisa Nichols Net Worth : $ 5 million

Lisa Nichols might be one of the most inspiring woman in America. She is so popular as motivator. There are a lot of people out there who was born in rich family. She was not. Some sources told that she used to have only $12 left. But she didn’t have intention to surrender her life.  Currently Lisa Nichols net worth reaches $5 million.

Nichols grew in an ordinary family. But when she was 27, she struggled to face this hard world. She didn’t have much money, while she needed to feed her children. You can imagine what we can do with only $12’s in our pocket. Most of us might feel depressed or stress.

Now, she has become a successful woman. She is  great motivational speaker. And currently she manages “Motivating the Masses” and She is also the CEO of Motivating the Teen Spirit, LLC.
With her team in her company, she helped hundreds of troubled teenagers, She motivated them to keep on track and do their best. There are a lot of people influenced by his motivation.

The Source of Lisa Nichols Net Worth

The company she built has develop a lot. Her hard-work has changed the 12 dollars become million of dollars. It’s not a magic. She built it with confidence and strong will. The company is so profitable for her.  Besides, Lisa had released many best sellers book. She also shares his motivational experience as an author. One of the book is “Abundance Now: Amplify Your Life & Achieve Prosperity Today”. Almost all her books are best sellers. Millions of people loved her books. Of course, this also become one of her biggest income. Her successful career as world class motivator and author is so inspiring. That’s why Lisa Nichols Net Worth even reached $ 5 million dollars.

Reported in, in an interview. Lisa told that her mother ids her inspiring person. And she also quoted

“My grandmother told me that quitters never win and winners never quit. That’s the way I live—winning is in my bloodline, and quitting was never an option.” 

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