The Amazing LL Cool J Net Worth and Income
The Amazing LL Cool J Net Worth and Income

How Much is LL Cool J Net Worth and Income 2018?

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The Amazing LL Cool J Net Worth and Income
LL Cool J Net Worth: $110 million

Known as LL Cool J, he has a birth name, James Todd Smith. Born on January 14th 1968, in Bay Shore, Long Island, New York, he is a well-known rapper and actor. In fact, his stage name stands for something. Well, we know Ladies Love Cool James with the name LL Cool J. His name is quite something. Building his career passionately, LL Cool J net worth is amazing. Before we go there, let’s talk about his background life and career journey.

This amazing man doesn’t work as an actor and rapper only. He is also an author and entrepreneur. Regarding his rapping career, he has started it since nine years old. What a very young age. However, it is very common in his neighborhood to be able rapping.

Creating demo tapes in age of 16, he tried to send it to various record companies. Def Jam was a label which led him to release his first official record. It was a big hit back then. It made both label and the rapper getting more famous. In addition, his debut single was sold more than 100k copies. Years after, there were more people who acknowledge him as a rapper. His hip hop record was sold massively.

Where LL Cool J Net Worth Does Come From?

His ability to rap is undeniable and he is very good in this field. Along with his career, he has released 13 studio albums. It is such a big number looking at how old he is right now. In addition, there are two greatest compilations.

Aside of his career as a rapper, he also appeared in several films. Besides he also does host as well. He surely had gone through many things. It is said that LL Cool J net worth is estimated to reach $110 million.

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