Lou Dobbs Net Worth and Income 2018
Net Lou Dobbs Net Worth and Income 2018

How Much is Lou Dobbs Net Worth and Income?

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Lou Dobbs Net Worth and Income 2018
Lou Dobbs Net Worth : $ 18 Million

Lou Dobbs is a famous American TV personality. And he is popular as the host of the editorial and business discussion forum, “Lou Dobbs Tonight”. He also works  a news anchor, author, and radio talk show host. The show- “Lou Dobbs Tonight” used to be broadcasted by CNN till 2009. The program was closed after he left company. when he joined Fox, the show resumed again. Lou Dobbs net worth is estimated around $ 18 million.

Louis Carl “Lou” Dobbs was born in 1945, in Texas. Young Lou attended Minico High School. At that time, he was active in football, music band. He used to be the president of a student. His passion in economy and finance was shown by his study. Lou graduated from Harvard University with bachelor’s degree in Economics in 1967.

He ever joined Union Bank of California in Los Angeles before working as a reporter for KBLU. In the 1970s, he also worked as an anchor and repoter in Phoenix. He joined CNN in 1980.

Dobbs joined CNN as the first generation. As you know that CNN has run since 1980. He ever got position as an executive vice president of corporate and business section. Of course he got some programs including “Moneyline”which change to Lou Dobbs Tonight since 2003. He decided to leave CNN in 2009. Till then he work in Radio show for 3 years since 2009-2012. Of course, The Lou Dobbs Radio show was still about political discussions.


His succesful career was also reflected by some awards that he won. Some awards of journalism had landed to his hand. Those included a Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award, Cable Ace Award and Luminary Award of Business Journalism of 1990. He also received George Foster Peabody Award. etc

The Wall Street Journal  named him as TV’s Premier Business News Anchorman. Dobbs was “Father of the Year” in 1993 according to National Father’s Day Committee.

Lou Dobbs Net Worth and Income

Lou has spent decades as a Journalist. His hard-work along his career has given wealth too. Lou Dobbs Net worth today is around $18 million US dollars with an annual salary of $6 million. Besides, he also do writing activities as an author. He also receive much income from selling books. One of his book was Lou Dobbs, with James O. Born, Border War, Forge (published in 2014).

Talking about his resignation from CNN. Some medias reported if he got a conflict with the CNN president Rick Kaplan.

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