Lucas Congdon Net Worth
Lucas Congdon Net Worth

Calculating the Famous Outdoor Planner, Lucas Congdon Net Worth

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Lucas Congdon Net Worth
Lucas Congdon Net Worth

Do you want to have a backyard designer or build a luxurious swimming pool? Then, you should contact Lucas Congdon. This man is a celebrity pool designer who has his own business in the house exterior. He is also famous for his show, Insane Pool. With all his efforts and work, Lucas Congdon net worth should reach $1 million.

Lucas Congdon is a professional designer in the exterior of home, more specifically in the field of backyard and pool. Since childhood, he has lived in the family of designers and landscapers. His family encouraged him to love the exterior design and the beauty of natural landscape too. When growing up, exactly in 2001, he decided to pursue his dream in field of exterior by moving to Florida. There, he spent a lot of time collecting various rock and plant samples to increase his knowledge of natural landscape.

He finally found out in 2003 that he and his old friends built Lucas Lagoon, an outdoor design firm that catered to a wide range of client requests. After success with Lucas Lagoon, Congdon was offered a television station to star in his own show. In 2015, the insane pool is present to accompany your day on the screen. Now, Lucas Congdon is focusing on managing his exterior design business, while maintaining the reputation of his show.

Where does all Lucas Congdon Net worth Coming From?

With the drama of life and aspects of the struggle that he has lived, no wonder if Lucas Congdon has a high enough net worth. Currently, he receives exterior design requests for high-end clients. In addition, he also still has Lucas Lagoon which until now remains flooded job to design outdoor properties.

Besides his business in exterior, Lucas Congdon also appears on the screen. The insane Pool Progran has a high rating and a strong fan base. Even he is often asked to provide recommendations on proportional outdoor arrangement. This is where Lucas Congdon Net Worth came from.

Short Info about Lucas Condon Bio

Full NameLucas Congdon
Place, Date of Birth1978
Social MediaLucas Congdon Twitter (@lucaslagoons)
Net Worth$ 1 million


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