marcus allen net worth and income 2018
marcus allen net worth and income 2018

How Much is Marcus Allen Net Worth and Income 2018

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marcus allen net worth and income 2018
Marcus Allen Net Worth : $ 4 Million

Marcus Allen is known well as a former American football player. If you love NFL than you should know him well. He was even popular as number one of the greatest goal line and short-yard runners in National Football League (NFL) history.  Marcus Allen net worth reaches $4 million.

Born in San Diego, California as Marcus LeMarr Allen in 1960. His passion for football has been showed when he was young. He even joined the Abraham Lincoln High School’s football team. There, he played 2 positions, the quarter back and also safety positions.
At 1977, Allen’s impressive talent was noticed by the people during the football match against Kearny High School for the CIF Title. In that match, Allen had surprised the audience by rushing for an astounding 195 yards,. He also scored 5 impressive touchdowns. He aggressively led the Lincoln team to victory. The team won 34-6. and it made him as the man of the match. This is one of his unforgettable moment.

The he was in Los Angeles Raiders on the 1982 NFL Draft. Allen led his team, the LA Raiders in the AFC record and rushed for 697 yards. He was chosen as the best NFL Offensive Rookie at that time. Along his career, he had scored 145 touchdowns, he was also the first NFL player to gain more than 10,000 rushing yards and 5,000 receiving yards during his career. One of the best players in his era. in 2003, His name was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2003.

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The source of Marcus Allen Net Worth

Of course, the source of Marcus Allen income was from his career as a professional football player. Currently he work for CBS as an analyst. And he also works for sports website He is the spokesman for the site. And writes a blog. Marcus Allen net Worth is around $ 4 million dollars.

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